Today we talk about the color temperature of LED home furniture lighting equipment, more people still do not grasp

Color temperature is a definition of which? Many people understand that the creamy white, yellowish light, then it is the color of the light is not a random selection, this different color temperature can change the different mentality of people, for example: the northern region of the people subconsciously pick white light lights, and the southern region of the people subconsciously pick white lights mostly; then this is why?

panel light

Because the yellow only belongs to the warm light, while the white light is classified as a cool light, so because the climate and other factors caused by the level of the northern region will subconsciously select the warm complex color light, while the northerners subconsciously select the cool light;

wooden stirrer

LED home furniture lighting equipment color temperature is a certain temperature “K” to show, to a standard black letter heating, the temperature rises to a certain level when the color gradually from crimson – light red – orange – white – blue, slowly change, a light source and the black letter of the same color, we will be black letter at that time the temperature of a certain light source called the color temperature.

Because the color temperature is actually black body radiation close to the light source light color, the light source light color main performance evaluation value, and is not a precise color comparison, so with the same color temperature value of the 2 light sources, it is likely that there is still a difference in the light color appearance. Color temperature alone can not grasp the ability of the light source to color objects, or how to reproduce the color of objects under the light source. Different light sources natural environment of the relevant color temperature.

Light source color temperature is not the same, the light color is not the same, color temperature in the following 3000k has a warm feeling, to achieve a calm atmosphere; color temperature in the 3000k-5005k for the middle color temperature, there is a painful feeling; color temperature in the 5005k above the cold feeling.

From the spectral chart, we can clearly see that matching color means matching color temperature; then in the testing report of lighting fixtures, we engage in a good batch of lighting fixtures, such as the production and manufacture of 100,000pcs of lighting fixtures, then this time, is able to be a sampling test, in different batches of light sources manufacturing, the color temperature of the finished lighting fixtures is a certain hazard, in other words, we only Need to be in a color temperature of positive and negative 100-200K are counted as all normal categories;

Therefore, after we go to the lighting factory to buy lights, you can test the special color temperature, then a LED furniture lighting equipment, not only by the lighting color temperature decision, but also the key parameters: special effects, indicate, lumen value, light intensity, there is no glare, there is no flash frequency, and its luminous perspective and other such major parameters together decision;

To cite a simple example: it is said that the lighting perspective, flat panel lights (also known as led flat panel lights, there are irradiated and side lighting) are generally used in the key lighting areas, while track spotlights, track spotlights, ceiling lights are auxiliary lighting, suitable for decorative design class, such as fashion stores with more is led track lights;

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Influenza season! When this happens, you need to be careful that it is not influenza.

It is important to note that when there are two children in the family and one of them has the flu, the main family member who is relatively immobile should try to take care of the patient and take care of safety precautions; other main family members should try to avoid touching the flu patient, especially children who are not infected with the flu.


In this flu season, how can we detect the flu as soon as possible? What are the symptoms? How to prevent children from getting the flu? How to prevent influenza in daily life? Previously, there are authoritative experts in the family physician online consultation service platform to help me explain this problem in detail.

What is the difference between influenza and viral flu? How to confirm the diagnosis?


How can I tell if I have the flu or a viral cold? What are the significant symptoms of influenza? Dr. Chi Xiaoling, director of the liver disease specialist at Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told us that viral flu is caused by a variety of viral infections and is often released, with a slow onset and significant upper respiratory symptoms and lighter symptoms all over the body. Fever cold alias wind chill, also known as acute sinusitis or respiratory khat, is specific to the throat khat symptoms. Adults are mostly seen caused by rhinovirus, followed by parainfluenza virus infection, respiratory syncytial virus, echovirus infection and coxsackievirus. The onset of the disease is rapid, with a dry throat, itchy or burning sensation in the early stage, and in addition or several hours after the onset of the disease, there may be sneezing, nose blockage, cold water-like runny nose, which thickens after 2 to 3 days. It can be accompanied by sore throat, sometimes because of Eustachian tube inflammation makes English hearing reduced, also can occur tearing, taste bud retardation, breathing difficulty, hoarseness, small amount of dry cough, etc. There is usually no fever or generalized illness, or only a low fever, malaise, mild chills and headache.


The examination thus reveals hematoma, puffiness, and minute muster of the nasal mucosa and slight hematoma of the throat. If there is no disease onset, it is usually cured in 5~7 days. It is relatively difficult to distinguish from mild form of influenza, and accurate identification requires corresponding examination of pathogenic bacteria. The corresponding test for influenza virus infection in general influenza is negative.

Influenza is diagnosed using a hierarchy of criteria for confirmation. The diagnosis can be confirmed during the epidemic and pandemic periods based on clinical manifestations, but the initial release of influenza cases should integrate epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, and laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis comprehensively.

How to prevent influenza in daily life?

Dr. Liang Donghui, Director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, informed in the online consultation service platform of family physicians that it is important to ensure sufficient sleep, maintain a stable mental substance mentality, consume sufficient fluids and take ingredients with nutritional content, etc. Try to avoid touching flu-like patients.

Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, often apply soap and cold water to wash and disinfect hands, especially after a dry cough or snorting. Try to avoid going out especially to venues where groups gather. During the flu epidemic, pregnant women who are expecting should wear a mask when they go out and should minimize the time they stay in crowded places.

Prevent multiple reuse of protective masks. If you have a mask that can be reused multiple times, be sure to sterilize it and air-dry it after application. Cover your mouth and nose with toilet paper when coughing or snorting, and throw the used toilet paper into the trash. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands as much as possible. Maintain good natural ventilation in your home and workplace.

How to prevent influenza in children?

Relatively speaking, children and teenagers have poor resistance and often come out in public places such as campus and ecological parks, so how can children and teenagers prevent pediatric influenza? Dr. Qiu Meiqing, Director of the Department of Pulmonary Diseases of Guangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, informs us that there are several levels of prevention of influenza (flu) as follows.

①When there is a flu epidemic, pay attention to prevent taking children to public places, such as theaters, large shopping malls and other areas where groups gather, and if it is difficult to avoid going to public places, you can put a mask on your child. There are certain isolation measures between sick children and children to prevent mutual infection.

②The residence should be disinfected and sterilized, and the vinegar disinfection method can be used. Close the windows and doors, put 2-5ml of vinegar per cubic meter of indoor space, put water 1-2 times, and heat it up until it is vaporized, so as to disinfect and sterilize the house, once a day for several days.

③ Pay attention to the symptoms of cold, whether there is dry cough, whether there is sore throat, whether there is slight increase of basic body temperature, whether there is mucus and runny nose or blocked nose and squirting, etc. Some babies can be accompanied by abdominal pain, diarrhea, and some babies can be caused by high fever and twitching, most of them can be cured within a week, but if the history of the disease changes or intensifies, it is likely to be combined with other diseases.

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Was bedeutet Grippe, wie man Grippe zu Hause zu heilen

インフルエンザは、普通のちょっとした熱や風邪とは違います。 インフルエンザが流行している今、知っておきたい専門知識はこれだ


Skin eye how to medical care moisturizing hydration five reasonable solution tricks to share

The eye skin ultra-thin most tender area, sebaceous glands and sebaceous glands all over less, water evaporates faster, very easy to dry manic, especially in the autumn and winter dry manic season, the eye is more very easy to suffer erosion and damage, but poor maintenance, the skin around the eye will occur in the short term a variety of less water disease, such as the occurrence of broken folds, itching or more sensitive, etc. Therefore, today I deliberately and the big guys shared five ways to maintain the eye skin, the big guys can discuss oh.

eye mask

Skin eye how to heal moisturizing and hydrating

1, vitamin E is the natural enemy of dark circles and bags under the eyes

The occurrence of dark circles under the eyes bags is a warning of the gradual aging of the eye area, this time with vitamin E eye skin care products are generally aimed at eliminating dark circles have a very good effect. Many people feel that there is little difference between using eye creams containing such ingredients and using general eye creams, that is because the elimination of dark circles is a long-term work, it does not work immediately, must be carried out daily in a consistent and regular manner, after a period of perseverance you will see significant effectiveness.

2, to remove makeup can not be careless

The skin care products will produce a very large pressure on the skin, and in which many of the ingredients are going to damage the skin of everyone, so to remove the makeup becomes the key process of everyone’s skin care. And this for the eye maintenance, as well as the available oh! In addition, it is important to note that the eye to remove makeup never use the application of facial to remove makeup goods, but to pick a professional for the eye related products Oh!

3, pushing the skin around the eyes on time

The first thing to do is to tap clockwise so that the eye cream can be adequately digested and absorbed, after applying the eye cream then use your left ring finger to gently tap the skin around your eyes, each time about a hundred lightly.

4, work and rest time to regularity

The irregularity of work and rest should be the widespread situation of the contemporary group, especially for the younger ladies. But we have to pay attention to, late to bed and early to rise lifestyle is exactly the cause of the eye constantly occurring a key reason for the problem. So to maintain their own eyes, then you must not cultivate incorrect lifestyle Oh!

These people with late night procrastination, even for the better the next day not to top a black eye work, but also diligently talk themselves to sleep early and get up early. Poor sleep at night will make the eye rest is not sufficient, in turn, will intensify eye fatigue situation. Often stay up late is also able to avoid, because often stay up late resulting in the eye area dull yellow, wrinkles, fine lines but must be a longer period of time to repair.

5, the eye also want to safety umbrella

Regardless of the season, we must do a good job of sunscreen isolation in the work, and should be to ensure that all of their own face can do a good job of sunscreen isolation. So for the eye area location as well as must we do a good job of sunscreen isolation work Oh! To understand, if the long-term acceptance of ultraviolet light, then everyone’s eyes will certainly occur the disease of aging Oh!

So don’t be lazy and don’t do sunscreen isolation on the go out, out of the door at least half an hour must rub the above sunscreen isolation times the eye cream, to prevent the eye skin by ultraviolet light damage.

Eye maintenance FAQ

1, moisturizer can certainly not be applied as eye cream, because the content of moisturizer is much larger than the eye cream, and the eye skin is thinner, not only can not digest and absorb, will continue to play a side effect.

2, when rubbing eye cream, the amount can not be too much, black bean size on.

3, eye massage is not suitable too hard, otherwise it will hurt the eyes, resulting in the next day the eyes are very easy to swell.

4, when picking eye cream, must be picking the right one for themselves, to know their own skin, there is a purpose to pick.

5, daily life with regularity: do not have to always stay up late, work for many hours, can moderate the eyes to take a break, look away, can place a pot of greenery on the desktop.

6, do not smoke, drink alcohol, strengthen exercise, maintain a cheerful state of mind.

7, do not continue to use the eyes for a long time, read articles or look at the display screen every once in a while to look far away or close the eyes for a few seconds to rest.

8、Prevent rubbing your eyes with strength, and have a soft posture when painting or wearing invisible eyes, so that you don’t have to pull the skin of your eyes excessively and violently.

9、Correct small expressions such as frowning and squinting.

10、Wear sunglasses when you go out when there is enough light, especially on the beach, snowy days, rivers and other areas where the reflective surface is obvious.

11、No need to let the eyes work under the sunlight for a long time.

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How should I take care of my eyes?

What kind of microphone should we use in different scenes?

With the popularity of vlogging, many small things in life like to use vlogging to record these scenes on screen. There are many people who buy a lot of filming equipment in order to shoot good vlog videos, but most of them will concentrate on buying lenses and cameras to pursue high quality images, thus ignoring the importance of sound. In fact, sound is also a very important part. For example: I am now recording a Vlog, recorded indoors, then, the directional microphone can get better sound, but to a crowded and noisy place, the directional microphone is not very good at suppressing the noise around, so when I switch to a lavalier microphone, this effect, it can improve a lot.

best wireless lavalier microphone

Today I want to share with you the different kinds of microphones suitable for use in that environment and scenario and why they are used in this way.

Some time ago, I found a lot of different kinds of microphones to test the effect of using in different scenes and environments. The first test was a shotgun microphone. If you ask the editor for a what China’s first on the test gun microphone, the main problem is that the gun microphone to carry more education mass, the use of more people. First of all, the advantage of the gun microphone is that it has a good unidirectional nature. It is well known that sound waves propagate in all directions, and directivity refers to the sensitivity of the microphone to the direction of sound in space. Unidirectionality simply accepts sound from the front only and ignores sound from the side and back.

This is why many vloggers prefer to use directional microphones, like this one, to hang the microphone on the head of the camera, so that the microphone is parallel to the lens, using the characteristics of directional microphones to get the maximum sound of people speaking from the front, and to be able to avoid the noise from the side and the back.

At the same time, directional microphones are also ideal for use as a post-analog radio tool, which can make up for the missing sound in previously recorded videos through post-recording supplements, elevating the video viewing experience to a higher level. Of course, the directionality of directional microphones varies by price. In addition, directional role is not a panacea, want to get better sound through the enterprise, or need to allow the microphone can be the maximum different degrees of proximity to the person, too far away from the effect will be greatly reduced.

Another microphone is the lavalier microphone, lavalier microphone is actually belong to the omnidirectional microphone, due to the lavalier microphone size and performance limitations, can make good use of the advantages of omnidirectional microphone, only collect all the sound near the omnidirectional microphone, the closer the microphone to our mouth, the better the quality of the collected sound, the less background noise. This is why, in general, clip-on microphones sound a little better than directional microphones.

In order to facilitate the shooting, I will also purchase some wireless sound transmission equipment, such as this Wireless Go, through the wireless signal transmission, solve the microphone wire distance limit, but also more beautiful and convenient, it with the lavalier microphone to use the most suitable, ideal for interviews, or at the show.

Finally, to conclude, the gun microphone is very directional, no matter where you point it, you can receive the sound. The sound source is closer to the microphone, so you can get a better reception. The lavalier microphone, omnidirectional, is suitable for recording vocals in a noisy sound environment. With this wireless microphone, you can achieve the effect of a long-distance radio.

Microphone in many problems when we have overlapping scenarios. There are so many microphones that you can’t use all of them at the same time.

If you only want to use one microphone, I suggest you buy a shotgun microphone, which has a wide range of applications and is cost-effective.

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The microphone audio quality is not really excellent? Have you mastered the basic understanding and skills of microphones?

Moreover into the superb scenes of various fights, emotions, and so on., fantastic film and television works, fantastic sound is also an indispensable element of the complete film and television performs. So the amount would you learn with regards to the standard know-how and capabilities of radio?

lavalier microphone

The lethal damage of amateurs: just have it (generally don?¡¥t care in regards to the seem excellent from the sound)

When shooting, I?¡¥m most frightened of encountering these kinds of perfunctory words and phrases as ?¡ãjust take the picture?¡À or ?¡ãthe seem might be recorded to it?¡À. Other issues are mainly inquiring a few questions. Although it appears that there’s no trouble with this way, there will be loopholes inside the afterwards modifying system, plus the distinction between skilled and novice can be clearly found.

Normally made use of microphone styles

After we are capturing video clips, the typically made use of microphone kinds typically involve condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. Condenser microphones ship seem into the internal diaphragm and vibrate to bring about the diaphragm to vibrate, triggering the voltage to change after which you can crank out a signal. It has higher sensitivity and is frequently utilized for high-quality recordings, these as guitar playing, complicated environmental seems, and recording inside a studio. Some condenser microphones have to have phantom power to get audio, which is troublesome to implement. A further kind of dynamic microphone is fairly much less expensive than some areas of the worth as it is made up of coils and magnets, contrary to condenser microphones, which can be lighter and fewer sensitive to high frequencies, but the audio it includes is softer and ideal for recording. Vocals and dwell performances, etcetera., from the indoor recording studio, component of the foley workers will even use this kind of microphone for foley work. Our widespread microphone head pointing is usually divided into super cardioid pointing microphone and cardioid pointing microphone.

Can it be safer to obtain a minimal quantity?

Once the quantity reaches pink, distortion will occur, much like if the camera bursts and becomes totally white throughout capturing, there is certainly no solution to help save it. Thus, in order to reduce popping, a number of people just alter the microphone volume to your least, to ensure that irrespective of how loud the audio is, it’s going to not access the warning zone. Even though it may be very safe, it might have an impact on the seem quality. This is another position of information we need to have an understanding of: sounds ground

What exactly is the sounds flooring? It can be background sound, which interprets as “noise floor”. Frequently refers to all interference which includes very little to do along with the presence or absence in the signal during the event, inspection, measurement or recording process. But in industrial sounds or environmental sounds measurement, it refers back to the ambient sounds outside the measured sound resource. One example is, if your sounds measured to the road close to the manufacturing facility is targeted traffic noise, the manufacturing facility sound is definitely the track record sounds. If your objective of measurement is always to measure manufacturing facility noise, visitors noise will become background sounds. From the course of action of sound measurement. Awareness should be paid to the degree of interference from history noise. Therefore if you naively assume which the volume must be decrease when recording, after which you can it will likely be improved to generate it louder whenever you return, then you definately should be mentally prepared for that sounds to be amplified.

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Standard Things of the Wi-fi Interaction Process

A typical Wireless Interaction Technique could be divided into a few aspects: the Transmitter, the Channel along with the Receiver. The next graphic reveals the block diagram of wi-fi interaction method.

smart module

The Transmission Path

A standard transmission path of a Wi-fi Communication Method is made up of Encoder, Encryption, Modulation and Multiplexing. The signal from the resource is handed through a Resource Encoder, which converts the signal in to some ideal sort for implementing sign processing techniques.

The redundant facts from sign is eliminated on this procedure as a way to maximise the utilization of assets. This signal is then encrypted employing an Encryption Common to make sure that the sign plus the details is secured and doesn?¡¥t make it possible for any unauthorised access.

Channel Encoding is a strategy which is placed on the signal to scale back the impairments like noise, interference, and so forth. All through this method, a little quantity of redundancy is released towards the signal to make sure that it becomes sturdy in opposition to sounds. Then the sign is modulated working with an appropriate Modulation Technique (like PSK, FSK and QPSK etc.) , to ensure the signal is usually simply transmitted applying antenna.

The modulated sign is then multiplexed with other indicators using distinctive Multiplexing Procedures like Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) to share the valuable bandwidth.

The Channel

The channel in Wi-fi Communication signifies the medium of transmission in the sign i.e. open up area. A wi-fi channel is unpredictable as well as very variable and random in nature. A channel it’s possible issue to interference, distortion, sounds, scattering and many others. plus the outcome is the fact that the gained signal may be stuffed with errors.

The Reception Path

The task of your Receiver is usually to accumulate the sign from your channel and reproduce it as the resource signal. The reception route of a Wireless Interaction Method comprises of Demultiplexing , Demodulation, Channel Decoding, Decryption and Source Decoding. From the parts from the reception path it’s very clear the process on the receiver is simply the inverse to that of transmitter.

The signal with the channel is obtained because of the Demultiplexer which is divided from other alerts. The person indicators are demodulated employing proper Demodulation Approaches and also the original information signal is recovered. The redundant bits within the message are removed utilizing the Channel Decoder.

Due to the fact the concept is encrypted, Decryption in the signal eliminates the safety and turns it into easy sequence of bits. At last, this signal is provided to the Resource Decoder to acquire again the first transmitted information or signal.

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Unlock Business Value with IoT

As IoT gets to be a lot more widespread from the market, businesses are capitalizing within the large company benefit it could offer you. These benefits involve:

communication module

Deriving data-driven insights from IoT info to help you superior control the small business

Growing productivity and performance of small business operations

Creating new business enterprise types and profits streams

Quickly and seamlessly connecting the physical company entire world into the digital world to travel speedy the perfect time to worth

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A motorcycle is one of the most common modes

A motorcycle is one of the most common modes of transportation today chopper motorcycle for sale. It has been into a lot of transformation
and changes since the first day it was introduced to the people. These changes were
made in order to accommodate the needs of the people. For instance, the modern
type of motorcycle is very different compared to the earlier ones because it
now includes modern and high-tech components and accessories.

However, what really compose a China plastic auto mould manufacturers
motorcycle? What are the different parts of a motorcycle? What are the roles each
part contributes on the total performance of the machine? This article will
discuss the various parts of motorcycle that are important to achieve the
expected function of the bike.

Listed below are the different
parts of motorcycle.

1. Drivetrain.
This is one of the most integral parts of a motorcycle. Without its drivetrain,
a motorcycle won’t function at all. Every motorcycle is powered by its
drivetrain where you can find the engine which conveys power to the rear drive
wheel through transmission. The transmission is attached to the engine and is
operated by the lever that is attached to the handlebars and the clutch.

2. Wheels.
What is a motorcycle without its wheels? Motorcycle wheels usually features
steel pokes or aluminum. The rear wheel of the bike is responsible for
configuration thus it is larger and least wider than the front wheel.

3. Tires.
Motorcycle tires are made from inflatable rubber. It has thread patterns that
may vary from one motorcycle to another and are designed for different surfaces
or riding condition.

4. Brakes.
This is an important part of motorcycles. There are two types of brakes- drum
and disc brakes – that are controlled by hydraulic system activated by
handlebar or foot levers.

5. Electrical
system. The electrical system of most motorcycles is lights which are consist
of the headlights, tail lights, directional lights and brake lights. The
electrical system of a motorcycle is also consisting of speedometer, tachometer
and odometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, radios and GPS systems.

6. Frame
and suspension. Steel and aluminum are two of the most common materials used on
the construction of motorcycle frames. Chassis also serves as the basis of a

These are the most common and the
most obvious parts of a motorcycle. Without these parts, a motorcycle can’t
function properly. They work together to keep the motorcycle moving and in good


說到乳腺癌,很多人的第一反應就是它是女性特有的疾病,只有女性才會有乳腺癌,這是對乳腺癌的誤解。 對乳腺癌認識不足,容易進入很多誤區,不利於乳腺癌的預防。 對乳腺癌有哪些誤解? 接下來,讓我們了解一下。




Oncotype DX®安可待®乳癌腫瘤基因表現檢測通過基因組學選擇最適合患者的個人化療程





乳腺癌並不都一樣,它也是類型學的,但病理分類更複雜。 按病例可分為無創乳腺癌,早期浸潤性乳腺癌,浸潤性乳腺癌,其他罕見乳腺癌等。 不同類型的乳腺癌在治療上也會有所不同,也會制定不同的治療方案,在乳腺癌後確定類型,從而確定治療方向。










輪狀病毒是嬰兒腹瀉的主要病原體之一,是5歲以下嬰兒腹瀉的主要原因。 輪狀病毒感染性腹瀉一年四季均可發生,特別是秋冬季。

另一種需要服食3劑,包含5種輪狀病毒。而當中3劑的輪狀病毒口服疫苗,包含G1,G2, G3,G4,P1A (P[8])型號,能同時針對香港常見的型號,提供直接保護,不需依靠交叉保護。至於服用輪狀疫苗副作用,常見有腹瀉、嘔吐、發燒及中耳炎,若嬰兒對疫苗成份過敏,則不宜服用。


1. 傳染源


2. 傳播途徑


3. 易感人群


4. 流行特征




1. 經常像節食一樣進行治療


2、 中醫治療







3. 清理嘔吐物、糞便及尿片時須戴上手套,事後須徹底洗手。