Some ways to choose towels to pay attention to

Although towels are not big, but they are closely related to people’s daily life. Every day we have to wash the room, towels need to touch with people’s skin, so that the choice of towels should be included in the key.

Then in the case of towels to carry out the selection, to pay attention to those situations?


Towel size

Towels to carry out the choice, the first to pay attention to the size of the towel problem, many people will mistakenly think that the larger the range of towels the better, so that in the case of adoption more convenient, in fact, that choice is a certain deviation.

For young people so the choice of nothing difficult, but the family has the elderly or children, it is necessary to choose carefully.

The very large towel in the cleaning process although comfortable, but the process of shaking dry towel is also very laborious, children and the elderly that application is more laborious.

Towel material

In addition to completely focus on the comfort and its physical and mental health, but also must pay attention to the material problem.

For the towel is a daily necessity, the number of daily disassembly and replacement is also rapid, in the quality selection level, to pay attention to his physical and mental health and environmental protection, while for the durability of the problem, it is not necessary to do too much to consider.

For example, some towels will enhance the total number of synthetic fibers, so that the towel can be used more and more time stronger, but in this has too many skin allergy irritation elements, for the skin is likely to lead to damage, and comfort will be reduced.

Absorbency problem

Selection of towels in the case of water absorption problem is also to be considered comprehensively, absorbent towels, the material can be chemical fiber-led in most cases.

Chemical fiber absorbency is good, in the process of shower application of such towels is very suitable, but in the softness level it is not as good as the cotton material towels, and therefore in the daily best equipped with two different kinds of towels, in the case of bathing to chemical fiber type of towels as the leading, and in the daily application of cotton towels as the leading.

Price level

To achieve the above provisions of this towel actually general in the sales market market price level will be in the middle of ten to twenty dollars, in the online buy words, can be slightly more cost-effective, let the price strength is about in the middle of five to eight dollars, if the price is too low words, then this kind of towel its material problems must not be easy very good, for this kind of cheap towel to carefully carry out identification.