Microfluidic microarray test gene mutation

Gene mutation key means that higher animals, lower animals suffer from the efficacy of a variety of elements, gene changes, including a single base, several base changes, the application of microfluidic microarray can test gene mutations, such as Hidradenia cryptica cwn-1 gene mutation, circulating tumor stem cell gene mutation. In general, all etiological genes are slowly replaced by replicative mutations containing polypeptide chain conformational polymorphism, bound wonderful fragment length polymorphism, in which the key to polypeptide chain conformational polymorphism is the occurrence of individual base differences in equal length DNA polypeptide chains, followed by conformational differences because of the efficacy of each other within the chain, applying fluorescent dye marker primer design, applying microfluidic chip to dissect the source of breast cancer infection The microfluidic chip can test the peptide chain conformational polymorphism of breast cancer infectious genes within 2 min, which is significantly less than the time required for capillary electrophoresis; mandatory fragment length polymorphism means that some unique point mutations can promote the lack of some non-specific bound endonuclease structural domains, and the microfluidic chip can detect and analyze the bound wonderful fragment length polymorphism. Overseas scientific research materials show that non-small cell lung cancer test products carry out certified scientific research testing for mutations in the ectodermal growth factor protein kinase (EGFR) gene can be carried out using microfluidic chips, according to a rapid and dexterous microfluidic chip technology that can detect EGFR quickly and at a cheap cost.

Bonding and lamination of microfluidic chips

Association of microfluidic chip and gene precision transcriptome sequencing

The key to gene sequencing is to choose an excellent way to carry out specialized, standardized and rapid analysis of nucleotide coding sequences of higher and lower animals, and the list of works necessary for this whole process is especially great. At the present stage, the microfluidic chip laboratory key uses 96 array capillary electrophoresis to carry out specialized measurement of gene coding sequences, although at a certain level to accelerate the new project of people’s genome, but it can not complete the basic characteristics of high efficiency, dexterity, rapid, high quality and low cost, fully automatic and accurate, while the microfluidic chip can complete high efficiency gene sequencing, such as gut microbial gene sequencing, yeast Gene sequencing, liver cancer tumor stem cell gene sequencing and other tests are very high efficiency.

Association of microfluidic chip with high frequency increase of genes

Gene high frequency increase generally refers to the selection of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to raise the overall target DNA fragments in total and to identify, separate and dissect the overall target DNA fragments according to the principle of electrophoresis, which requires more experimental reagents, long heating time, long cooling time and other defects. At the present stage, microfluidic chips can be used to increase the frequency of genes in the laboratory, and according to the fusion of microfluidic chips and PCR, a miniaturized microfluidic chip-PCR reflection management system has been created for this purpose, which may significantly get rid of the defects of PCR including PCR must more experimental reagents, long heating time, long cooling time, etc. Meanwhile, the microfluidic chip-PCR reflection management system increases the substance It is very easy to separate from the test article and can complete the test automation technology, integration and miniaturization. At this stage, the microfluidic chip-PCR reflection management system can detect soil pathogen genes, tumor stem cell genes, blood night gene, etc., which shows that its application is very broad.

In summary, microfluidic chip can be used in medicine gene diagnosis level, such as gene polymorphism test, gene precision transcriptome sequencing, gene high frequency sex increase, etc., so it can be seen that microfluidic chip and gene diagnosis are closely related, inferred that the application of microfluidic chip will be one of the new ways of gene diagnosis test analysis in the future.

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HPV testing with microfluidic chips.

Today we talk about the color temperature of LED home furniture lighting equipment, more people still do not grasp

Color temperature is a definition of which? Many people understand that the creamy white, yellowish light, then it is the color of the light is not a random selection, this different color temperature can change the different mentality of people, for example: the northern region of the people subconsciously pick white light lights, and the southern region of the people subconsciously pick white lights mostly; then this is why?

panel light

Because the yellow only belongs to the warm light, while the white light is classified as a cool light, so because the climate and other factors caused by the level of the northern region will subconsciously select the warm complex color light, while the northerners subconsciously select the cool light;

wooden stirrer

LED home furniture lighting equipment color temperature is a certain temperature “K” to show, to a standard black letter heating, the temperature rises to a certain level when the color gradually from crimson – light red – orange – white – blue, slowly change, a light source and the black letter of the same color, we will be black letter at that time the temperature of a certain light source called the color temperature.

Because the color temperature is actually black body radiation close to the light source light color, the light source light color main performance evaluation value, and is not a precise color comparison, so with the same color temperature value of the 2 light sources, it is likely that there is still a difference in the light color appearance. Color temperature alone can not grasp the ability of the light source to color objects, or how to reproduce the color of objects under the light source. Different light sources natural environment of the relevant color temperature.

Light source color temperature is not the same, the light color is not the same, color temperature in the following 3000k has a warm feeling, to achieve a calm atmosphere; color temperature in the 3000k-5005k for the middle color temperature, there is a painful feeling; color temperature in the 5005k above the cold feeling.

From the spectral chart, we can clearly see that matching color means matching color temperature; then in the testing report of lighting fixtures, we engage in a good batch of lighting fixtures, such as the production and manufacture of 100,000pcs of lighting fixtures, then this time, is able to be a sampling test, in different batches of light sources manufacturing, the color temperature of the finished lighting fixtures is a certain hazard, in other words, we only Need to be in a color temperature of positive and negative 100-200K are counted as all normal categories;

Therefore, after we go to the lighting factory to buy lights, you can test the special color temperature, then a LED furniture lighting equipment, not only by the lighting color temperature decision, but also the key parameters: special effects, indicate, lumen value, light intensity, there is no glare, there is no flash frequency, and its luminous perspective and other such major parameters together decision;

To cite a simple example: it is said that the lighting perspective, flat panel lights (also known as led flat panel lights, there are irradiated and side lighting) are generally used in the key lighting areas, while track spotlights, track spotlights, ceiling lights are auxiliary lighting, suitable for decorative design class, such as fashion stores with more is led track lights;

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