Skin eye how to medical care moisturizing hydration five reasonable solution tricks to share

The eye skin ultra-thin most tender area, sebaceous glands and sebaceous glands all over less, water evaporates faster, very easy to dry manic, especially in the autumn and winter dry manic season, the eye is more very easy to suffer erosion and damage, but poor maintenance, the skin around the eye will occur in the short term a variety of less water disease, such as the occurrence of broken folds, itching or more sensitive, etc. Therefore, today I deliberately and the big guys shared five ways to maintain the eye skin, the big guys can discuss oh.

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Skin eye how to heal moisturizing and hydrating

1, vitamin E is the natural enemy of dark circles and bags under the eyes

The occurrence of dark circles under the eyes bags is a warning of the gradual aging of the eye area, this time with vitamin E eye skin care products are generally aimed at eliminating dark circles have a very good effect. Many people feel that there is little difference between using eye creams containing such ingredients and using general eye creams, that is because the elimination of dark circles is a long-term work, it does not work immediately, must be carried out daily in a consistent and regular manner, after a period of perseverance you will see significant effectiveness.

2, to remove makeup can not be careless

The skin care products will produce a very large pressure on the skin, and in which many of the ingredients are going to damage the skin of everyone, so to remove the makeup becomes the key process of everyone’s skin care. And this for the eye maintenance, as well as the available oh! In addition, it is important to note that the eye to remove makeup never use the application of facial to remove makeup goods, but to pick a professional for the eye related products Oh!

3, pushing the skin around the eyes on time

The first thing to do is to tap clockwise so that the eye cream can be adequately digested and absorbed, after applying the eye cream then use your left ring finger to gently tap the skin around your eyes, each time about a hundred lightly.

4, work and rest time to regularity

The irregularity of work and rest should be the widespread situation of the contemporary group, especially for the younger ladies. But we have to pay attention to, late to bed and early to rise lifestyle is exactly the cause of the eye constantly occurring a key reason for the problem. So to maintain their own eyes, then you must not cultivate incorrect lifestyle Oh!

These people with late night procrastination, even for the better the next day not to top a black eye work, but also diligently talk themselves to sleep early and get up early. Poor sleep at night will make the eye rest is not sufficient, in turn, will intensify eye fatigue situation. Often stay up late is also able to avoid, because often stay up late resulting in the eye area dull yellow, wrinkles, fine lines but must be a longer period of time to repair.

5, the eye also want to safety umbrella

Regardless of the season, we must do a good job of sunscreen isolation in the work, and should be to ensure that all of their own face can do a good job of sunscreen isolation. So for the eye area location as well as must we do a good job of sunscreen isolation work Oh! To understand, if the long-term acceptance of ultraviolet light, then everyone’s eyes will certainly occur the disease of aging Oh!

So don’t be lazy and don’t do sunscreen isolation on the go out, out of the door at least half an hour must rub the above sunscreen isolation times the eye cream, to prevent the eye skin by ultraviolet light damage.

Eye maintenance FAQ

1, moisturizer can certainly not be applied as eye cream, because the content of moisturizer is much larger than the eye cream, and the eye skin is thinner, not only can not digest and absorb, will continue to play a side effect.

2, when rubbing eye cream, the amount can not be too much, black bean size on.

3, eye massage is not suitable too hard, otherwise it will hurt the eyes, resulting in the next day the eyes are very easy to swell.

4, when picking eye cream, must be picking the right one for themselves, to know their own skin, there is a purpose to pick.

5, daily life with regularity: do not have to always stay up late, work for many hours, can moderate the eyes to take a break, look away, can place a pot of greenery on the desktop.

6, do not smoke, drink alcohol, strengthen exercise, maintain a cheerful state of mind.

7, do not continue to use the eyes for a long time, read articles or look at the display screen every once in a while to look far away or close the eyes for a few seconds to rest.

8、Prevent rubbing your eyes with strength, and have a soft posture when painting or wearing invisible eyes, so that you don’t have to pull the skin of your eyes excessively and violently.

9、Correct small expressions such as frowning and squinting.

10、Wear sunglasses when you go out when there is enough light, especially on the beach, snowy days, rivers and other areas where the reflective surface is obvious.

11、No need to let the eyes work under the sunlight for a long time.

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