What kind of microphone should we use in different scenes?

With the popularity of vlogging, many small things in life like to use vlogging to record these scenes on screen. There are many people who buy a lot of filming equipment in order to shoot good vlog videos, but most of them will concentrate on buying lenses and cameras to pursue high quality images, thus ignoring the importance of sound. In fact, sound is also a very important part. For example: I am now recording a Vlog, recorded indoors, then, the directional microphone can get better sound, but to a crowded and noisy place, the directional microphone is not very good at suppressing the noise around, so when I switch to a lavalier microphone, this effect, it can improve a lot.

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Today I want to share with you the different kinds of microphones suitable for use in that environment and scenario and why they are used in this way.

Some time ago, I found a lot of different kinds of microphones to test the effect of using in different scenes and environments. The first test was a shotgun microphone. If you ask the editor for a what China’s first on the test gun microphone, the main problem is that the gun microphone to carry more education mass, the use of more people. First of all, the advantage of the gun microphone is that it has a good unidirectional nature. It is well known that sound waves propagate in all directions, and directivity refers to the sensitivity of the microphone to the direction of sound in space. Unidirectionality simply accepts sound from the front only and ignores sound from the side and back.

This is why many vloggers prefer to use directional microphones, like this one, to hang the microphone on the head of the camera, so that the microphone is parallel to the lens, using the characteristics of directional microphones to get the maximum sound of people speaking from the front, and to be able to avoid the noise from the side and the back.

At the same time, directional microphones are also ideal for use as a post-analog radio tool, which can make up for the missing sound in previously recorded videos through post-recording supplements, elevating the video viewing experience to a higher level. Of course, the directionality of directional microphones varies by price. In addition, directional role is not a panacea, want to get better sound through the enterprise, or need to allow the microphone can be the maximum different degrees of proximity to the person, too far away from the effect will be greatly reduced.

Another microphone is the lavalier microphone, lavalier microphone is actually belong to the omnidirectional microphone, due to the lavalier microphone size and performance limitations, can make good use of the advantages of omnidirectional microphone, only collect all the sound near the omnidirectional microphone, the closer the microphone to our mouth, the better the quality of the collected sound, the less background noise. This is why, in general, clip-on microphones sound a little better than directional microphones.

In order to facilitate the shooting, I will also purchase some wireless sound transmission equipment, such as this Wireless Go, through the wireless signal transmission, solve the microphone wire distance limit, but also more beautiful and convenient, it with the lavalier microphone to use the most suitable, ideal for interviews, or at the show.

Finally, to conclude, the gun microphone is very directional, no matter where you point it, you can receive the sound. The sound source is closer to the microphone, so you can get a better reception. The lavalier microphone, omnidirectional, is suitable for recording vocals in a noisy sound environment. With this wireless microphone, you can achieve the effect of a long-distance radio.

Microphone in many problems when we have overlapping scenarios. There are so many microphones that you can’t use all of them at the same time.

If you only want to use one microphone, I suggest you buy a shotgun microphone, which has a wide range of applications and is cost-effective.

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